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Friday, June 29, 2012

Beyond Memories - Tatakau Shishou: The Book of Bantorra

Let me go straight. This is a piano composition, in original. The right hand (melody), is pretty easy. Even for the accompaniment part (left hand) is not really hard. What makes it a challenge is the continuously changing tempo. So I only put there as Rubato.

Tips for Beginners and Beginner-Intermediate players: ignore the rubato, play everything in one single tempo. Either 58 or 60, is up to you. However, keep the "ritardando", "fermata", and all specific signs and instructions to be played. It's still challenging, but I think it's much easier.

For higher pianist or other instruments, please play as the sheet instructed and compare it to the original sounds (mp3). As a rubato, then you, are having control to decide where to get slow or faster. And that's I believe, is where the fun and emotional feeling will smoothly contribute.

So good luck and E N J O Y!

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