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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

j-mAdness is featured! @_@

oh yeaaaahhh!
after all the bad news and bad things that we encountered this month, at least a good news came. We are featured at a deviantart group, called All-Art-Is-Amazing.So yeah, we're happy. Check the club and join if you like it!

all you have to do is to scroll down a little. It's on Featured Artists' of the Month. Anyway, it's not easy to be taken into Featured, either by personal choice or group. In most case that I've seen, you cannot ask to be featured (lol.. I think it's clear). Your work must be unique and mostly looked very pro (especially for artist, either traditional or digital). It must be unique.. so, once people see, they know it's your work. The Featured artist may not be a member of a friend of the person/group whom make the Featured article. I joined the group after we were featured as I've seen a lot of nice art there. Not to forget, it can be subjective, or objective,.. in many case, the one who held "Featured" didn't really explain what criteria. But with millions people and talents in deviantart, j-mAdness is surely sunk somewhere. So when people discovered us, it was entertaining our feeling a lot ^__^

Thanks for the Featured by ~xXGummyKiraXx.

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