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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kutsuzure - Black Cat

This is one of a nice Japanese song, especially for anime. Kutsuzure is a simple song, but a singer needs a certain technique to sing, as it has a lot of ornamental notes. Yes, that's because this is an R&B music. It's all about ornamental notes, timing, breathing, well, pretty challenging.

Anyway, even though the transcribe I made is for vocal, more or less, I minimize the ornamental part. If you're an instrument player, you can even completely ignore the ornamental notes. I won't say that this type of composition suites beginners. Up from Intermediate musicians are able to play with their own freedom in mind.

So, happy singing and E N J O Y!

Total page: 3 (2 pages of sheet music, 1 page of lyric + translation)
File type: jpg, high quality
Supplement: mp3


Download page: here or here (7.04 MB)


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dyspraxicpianist97 said...

I really want to play this.. but the download links seem to be dead... Tasukete onegaishimasu..

mitayashi said...

no dead link. i don't use the temporary file storage where usually for 30 days or will be deleted if no one download.

i have checked both download link and they are working. you have to see the right corner and click SKIP AD.