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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Luster - Sengoku Basara (anime 1)

Back with request! So this is Luster from Sengoku Basara, first anime. It will have (some) variant(s). I haven't checked all the Sengoku Basara anime OST. So far, I found one variant at second anime called Luster (Dream Luck Remix). The good thing is, both are on the same pitch. Means, you can use this Luster original sheet to play the Remix one. What's fun is because both have their own character and style. The remix version, especially the piano part, was the 'sad' style, and directly continue with ethnic style with drums. Very Japanese!

However, I will only put Luster from anime 1 for mp3 sample. This is to tackle the possibility that you might be confused.

About Sawano Hiroyuki
Sawano is easily refer to Iryu - Team Medical Dragon. If you compare the work from Sengoku Basara (anime versions) to Iryu, you can find some 'signature work' of him. I think, I might launch this on Youtube. See if I have spare time..

Now about the music
Luster is an 'epic' music. Somehow, it also has 'difficult' chords which actually really give impact to the whole song. I feel a bit of darkness, sadness, spirit, and hope as it moves from part to part.

The chords might not so easy, but you all get the guides there. Though mainly played with strings, you can change it into your own instrument. If you find that most of the notes are very high, simply pull it down to the lower position. The higher notes, especially for violin and or viola, is expected for Intermediate-Expert to Expert musician. Intermediates are welcome to try.

Duo violins would be awesome. One can handle the lower notes, while other takes care the higher one. If this song is handled by keyboardist, you've got all the benefit to handle all melody, chords, and even drums by yourself. For other instruments, you can perform as a group. Remember to check the remix version, also. So you can decide which style suites you the best!

In the end, happy playing and E N J O Y!!!

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