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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shiver - Kuroshitsuji II

Oh, I just got someone work on musescore though I first time found it through dA. xxgummykiraxx had written the opening song with this software. Since on her dA page, the download was for xml and musescore's extension, you might got confused; so I decided to link you to the original page.

 (enlarge to get the details)
As you see on the preview above, there's a Download link (I circled it). When you click it, there, you can find some choice, whether to download the file for musescore program, PDF, MIDI and MP3.

So I hope you can enjoy the work. If you're a dA member, please give a shout for xxgummykiraxx.

Page: 1 pages. The second page is actually blank, so you only need the first page.
Extra info: the MP3 is not the original Gazette sound. It is only from the sheet music and sound is limited to Violin.

Direct download page: here 


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