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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Spell - No.6

My first transcribe over No.6. For those whom not yet watching the anime, I recommend it. Yes, it has a little sense of yaoi, but it's not really distracted. So boys, don't worry. If you don't want to see the kiss scene (which is not hot at all, kinda cute and fast) at all, then I recommend you to read the novel version! I put the links already on the Forum. So, go there, and access it. Why there's differences between novel (original) to the anime? It was request by the novelist. I read somewhere that the novelist thinks that Shion was only see love as universal thing. So he didn't really think about yaoi. Of course, this created ambiguity since the girl liked him, and actually, there was a sense that he also attracted to her in a very naive way.

So back to the music part. This is the opening from No.6. To be honest, I don't like the voice of the singer. I don't think even if I were Japanese I would buy the singer's album (if she performs solo), hehe. However, the lyric and the music truly matched the story. And I loved to see the whole opening video. It was simple, light, and "windy". I did feel like to play the song during driving.

Since it's pretty simple song, Beginners please try it. Intermediate singer or musician to Expert might able to play this song with eyes closed :D

Happy singing, Happy jammin'
and E N J O Y!

Total page: 3 (2 sheet music, 1 lyric + translation)
File type: jpg
Supplement: mp3


Download page: here  (8.7 Mb)


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