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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yawarakan Jikan - Honey and Clover

Well, well, at last I can post something from Hachimitsu to Clover a.k.a Honey and Clover from anime version. This anime and manga series had special place in my heart as it always reminded me to my college days,.. pretty much.. with all the insanity of Art and Design faculty students :D

The music is sweet and calm. Listening to the score, I personally would feel like a music score when the character was thinking while walking on the street. I think, the music had a slight taste of sadness, which is located on part B'.

So far, I find the music is playable for beginners. If you haven't study higher octave notes, then, just ask your mentor how to do it. Beginners-Intermediate players to Expert should already know how to handle the music. Pianist surely gets all the benefits since the music use piano. However, keyboardist can take over. In my personal opinion, this music is also nice to be played with guitar. Definitely will have a different taste if you try for brass section, such as trumpet or trombone, but I think it's worth to try.

Anyway, E N J O Y!!

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