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Monday, July 9, 2012

Angel Heart (Ai no Theme) - Angel Heart

Hey, it's a double post, today! So, scroll down for SPEC - Main theme from Keizoku 2: Spec!!

Now, let's get back with our tender music. After giving Intermediate-Expert and Expert players a music they should try, let us return to those Beginners to Intermediate players. Well, this is not really quite perfect music for Beginners. But the melody part, you can do it, I believe. If playing Rubato on Part B seems too much, just change it into any static continuous tempo you can handle. If you find it difficult, try to talk to your mentor, music school teacher, or someone that you believe can give you support for this.

If you listen to the music and trace it with the sheet music, you find this score is actually for a group. So, it will be good if you can perform in group. Throw the idea to your music teacher at school or at your music course. They might like your idea ^__^

If you are doing this composition without mentor involvement and rely on your peer, then I suggest to make one of your group member as a leader. This is to help you maintain the Part B, which will be hard without a conductor. Even when your friend is holding an instrument, being "conductor" at the same time is possible. Hints can be given with eye contact, tapping foot (don't make it loud), and body movements.

Anyway, just because I encourage Beginners to Intermediates player to do this, doesn't mean that this score is no fun for Intermediate-Expert to Expert players. I think, the most notable from this score is the dynamic of the chords. Almost all the chords are ornamental but that caused the music superb. You guys can take care and helping Beginners to Intermediate, as accompanist. Anyway, what's hard anymore? I already put the help notes for chords on the sheet. So, it won't be trouble anymore, right? ^_^

So, have fun!

E N J O Y!

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