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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Eien - Persona ~trinity soul~

Ola! Finally it's July!
More and more sheets are queue to be transcribed and posted here. So, hopefully you guys are pretty patient with our progress.

So here is Eien from Persona ~trinity soul~. I actually don't remember about this score at all. Once I played my database list, I just realized how beautiful this score was. To start with, I would say that beginners had possibilities to play. The notes are very basic, especially for the melody.

The accompaniment, might be a little non-standard, but this was where all the beauty came from. Most of the 'ornamental chords' made by Ishikawa really worth and placed exactly in the perfect area. So I believed the accompaniment part would taken a major influence of the whole score.

Accompaniment, aside from piano and guitar together, could be replaced by keyboard, solo piano, solo guitar, or even accordion. Since the ambiance was to create simplicity, then it was easier to be performed by solo or only duet.

What made the score interesting, was the possibility to be played in other style. This was a 'normal' waltz style. Intermediate to Expert were expected to re-create their own style. You can play it in jazz-waltz style, put up the tempo, or even transformed it into 4/4 rhyme. This score was pretty organic, so you could arranged your own style with free style.

In conclusion, E N J O Y! ;)

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