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Monday, July 30, 2012

Hikari - Nabari No Ou

Last post for July! Today is double post. The previous one was Like The Wind from Asunaro Hakusho. Please check it as well ^__^

Well, this song is a beautiful ballad. I love it, and it really fitted the story. So far, I didn't really find any difficulty to work on. So, I think Beginner-Intermediate students can try to perform with their instruments. Singer, if you have high pitch and tones, you won't find difficulties to sing.

Intermediate-Expert to Expert players might found this song interesting. You are pleased to do your own interpretation. Moreover, the bassist would get all benefits from free-style playing. When I heard carefully to the bass part,.. wow, that was really awesome. It was like the bassist make his own music ^_^ Accompaniment part, especially piano, also performs as free-style playing in most part. Strings sounds does not really hard, but possibly need to be played by at least Intermediate students. If you can't have strings group to play with, a keyboardist can take over their part.

Well then, E N J O Y playing!

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