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Friday, July 27, 2012

Main Theme - Tokimeki Memorial Only Love

Before I start, 2 little announcement:
#1. From now on, the download file links will be having a "preview" big advertising, that you  wait for 5 seconds before you  download. It's only 5 secs, so please, please, be patient. As exchange, I will force myself to make more sheet music I need to collect nearly $50 this year which right now is really far from target. I can't claim the Ad-sense yet, so I will rely from the download links and games article links.

#2. Hey, thanks all audience from USA!! for the first time, j-mAdness has more than 1000 audience from USA alone in a week. ^_^ (Based on Blogger statistic)


Now, let's start with the sheet music.
This is a nice music score. I am not really sure was Mizoguchi and Nobuchika really worked together for this, or only one of them since I had no CD cover with me. Assuming that Mizoguchi might worked on this title, as the cello was mainly take part; I think it is good for you to try. I intently made the sheet music for duet, exactly like the original.

Of course you can take over the sheet to be played by solo -- say, piano solo, or cello alone, or using other instruments. Beginners may try, especially for the solo/duet part. For accompaniment, I think Beginner-Intermediate students can do it with piano, keyboard, or other instruments.

Feel free to make your own interpretation and for the rest, E N J O Y!!

Total page: 2
File type: jpg
Supplement: mp3


Download page: here  (4.4 Mb)


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