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Monday, July 9, 2012

SPEC -Main Theme- - Keizoku 2: SPEC

At last, I can finish this sheet T_T
it's one of the hardest to be completed. I needed days to work on chords, while the melody was actually pretty easy to be done. The difficulty came as the chords are "blurry" to identify. So far, I only depended on my own hearing and interpretation. The part F was actually where all the problems were stuck. It took at least 3 days for me to finish, and every time I gave up, I ended up finishing the other sheet first. So overall, this sheet only around 85% - 90% close the what I hear. Again, the part F, maybe only 60% correct. If any of you did transcribe, or wants to, and performs better transcript, please let me know, so I can feature it here in j-mAdness! ^_^

Does it suite Beginners to try? Well, for melody only, it still possible. For pianist, I prefer up from Intermediate-Expert to Expert player. This is because the music is pretty dynamic and personal interpretation is needed. Tempo is changing as the signature mark also changing from 4/4 to 3/4 or flipped. The emotion and expression is expected.

Aside from "main theme" version (which for pianist), SPEC also has variation, for orchestra: Strings Version and Symphonic Version. So, don't stuck yourself with the piano version. If you want to hear the clearer sounds, at least choose the string version. This is because overall, it's really close to the piano version. I think only the last part is a bit different in execution. In the strings version, it's repeating the part A (introduction). Please keep in mind that when I did the transcription, I only rely on the piano version alone.

Total page: 3
File type: jpg
Supplement: mp3


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