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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Will - Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuioku-hen (OAV)

Hey, it's double post today! Previous one is from Mushi-shi: Ame ga Kuru Niji ga Tatsu.

As opposite from Ame ga Kuru.., this is a much harder sheet to work. The song is slow, full of sadness, but I think there's a part where it just sounds romantic. Working this, I quite find the challenge as the chords might change 4 times in a single bar and added with so many ornamental chords.

Even though the melody is still easy, and may be performed by Beginner-Intermediate players, I think for the accompaniment, Intermediate to Expert players are preferred. Doesn't mean that Beginner-Intermediate cannot execute the accompaniment part, but you might still get confused with so many changes, unless you are typical of stubborn one ;).

I personally didn't think this is best for Beginners level. Even though, I won't say you cannot try. You might get confused with the additional sharps and flats on the melody parts, especially for violins and other strings. But other instrument with clear separation for each note like piano, guitar, and flute; I think it won't be hard for you to locate those sharp and flat notes.

So far that I remember, The Will have several version which include piano version. Kindly check for your suitable one. I chose the orchestra version because it is much clear for me to work with.

Otherwise, E N J O Y!!

PS: Tsuioku-hen is equal to Trust and Betrayal or Recollection. Please refer to this page of AnimeNewsNetwork for other titles translation of this OAV

PSS: We feature 1 cosplay of Kenshin at our Tumblr. Go check here

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