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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gin-iro No Sora - Gintama

Oh Gintama! I don't know why, but this series attracted me especially the first season. The songs, both opening and ending are (mostly) great. One of my favorite is Gin-iro No Sora (and probably later you will find more transcribe songs from Gintama.. well.. probably..)

Full energy, high speed, cheerful, and beautiful messeges; Gin-iro No Sora will force you to your limit to play, especially for bassist, keyboardist, and drummer. For vocalist, I think the most important thing is to maintain your breath, so that every words can be produced clearly. For Intermediate-Expert and Expert players/singer, of course you are expected to play for the best. Your own interpretation and free-style is highly recommend, so you don't only have to perform as a "copy" of Redballon (the group who performed this song).

Okay, happy playing and E N J O Y!!

PS: it's double post for today. See Yuuai from Full Metal Panic! The 2nd Raid!

Total page: 4 (3 sheet music, 1 lyric + translation)
File type: jpg

Supplement: youtube


Download page: here  (1.3 Mb)


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