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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Major Changes.. Switch into Youtube tutorial

I am thinking to change music sample that usually zipped together with the sheet music into youtube. Yes, it means extra extra work, but it helps me to reduce the storage use at the online storage service I am using now.. Also, the mp3 might cause "copyrite" problem. So now it's up to you whether you need the sound sample or not, or a need to convert it to mp3 or other format. As usual, we always encourage you to buy the original albums.

With this, it is clear that all the commercial part (the shops and advertisements) are truly to support the website and or to support the composer/artist by giving links of their original products on any online shops we support. Now, it's fair, right?

As this decision is made very very quick, it will take slower time to convert everything into youtube also to replace the download file.  But don't worry. It won't affect the regular links. If happen that you fail to download, try one more time after several minutes. We probably is updating the files.

At last, we request your support to youtube posts. Lol, I know,.. it was too rare to upload file there. So with this decision, I hope it can help visualize the things I write here.

PS: at the moment this article was posted, youtube tutorial for Yuuai - Full Metal Panic! The 2nd Raid had finished and Gin-iro No Sora - Gintama is on upload process.

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