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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Only Human - 1 Liter no Namida (drama)

There was no other ballad better than this.
Honestly, until today, when I heard this song, I still felt being thrilled.

Even though the voice seemed easy, I would think that lot of practices were necessary. This was to produce a sweet and soft tones. Because it was an R&B, so singing technique was needed.

For solo melody with instrument, I think the notes were not so hard. Beginner-Intermediate players could do. While for accompanist, the fun was here. R&B gave you freedom to play as you would. So free-style and personal interpretation was encouraged. If you listened to whole song, you found that bassist and pianist mostly had their own style and challenging.

E N J O Y and don't cry,..

PS: I supposed to upload the request of Narcissu first, but I still haven't find the correct lyric and translation. Please be patient..

Total page: 3 (2 sheets music, 1 lyric + translation page)
File type: jpg
Supplement: youtube


Download page: here  (7.9 Mb)


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