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Thursday, August 23, 2012

What A Coincidences - Reisei to Jounetsu no Aida

Before we start, I just give a little reminder that there will be no more MP3 files zipped with the sheet music. As exchange, we put the audio-visual sheet music at youtube. You can convert it into mp3 file or just download the youtube version into your computer. Of course, you need to convert it first.

Now back with music, this is a sheet music from a film called Reisei to Jounetsu no Aida or you can translate it as Between Calmness and Passion. The music if simple and beautiful. A little advance Beginner can try, and of course Beginner-Intermediate musician can master this music score, especially the piano part. The guitar part may be too advance for Beginner guitarists, but Intermediate to Expert should had no problem anymore. So just give a try!

E N J O Y!!

Total page: 1
File type: jpg
Supplement: youtube


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