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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Halloween, Ready!!

Happy October (soon!)!

I think for us, cosplayer or not, this month is considered as a special month where we can freely cosplay and show off on Halloween party or at least, if we put aside the religious connection, October is a fun month to costum play. That's all.

To have the fun with you, we decided to participate on the euforia. This month will be our special releases with everything scary, dark, and gloomy. The shinigami, spirits, criminals, detectives, conspirators, mind gamers, demons, the demon slayers, and vampires will be our main theme of October releases. So watch out!

We will feature the 'scariest' composer whom best known working for dark and gloomy psychology stories; to some horror stories. So far, we only find one person who can do that. What was great about him, was his broad area to work that include anime and games music score. Who is he?

We feature some old films score, not too old, but not yet classic to mention. Some opening or ending songs, and more. Well, those whom scared to listen to 'scary music score', please don't worry. Not all music from the scary or dark story would always scary one. Like other stories, it usually has some sad, happy, teasing, funny music. We will feature them as much as we can.

Many titles and samples are now listened to find the best, from easy to hard level of music, that we can cover for you. We will also put up some review of drama, films, and manga with the "effect of Halloween" that you should know.

Our very opening will be the requested sheet music from Persona 4 game version. We think this will fit the whole "show" on our October articles with its gloomy, scary, sad, and mysterious effect.

Happy dark scary month!
Remember, we cannot see the light without knowing the darkness.

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