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Saturday, September 22, 2012

J-mAdness birthday!


yeah, another year had passed! More and more changes and good things are shared in this mini site. Thanks to all of you whom keep coming and supporting us. We have lots of viewer from USA, Japan, China, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and even Australia.

This year, a significant blow up number of viewers happened. It passed last year's total viewer by Aug. 2012. So again, thank you all!

Other than that, the amount of request is also raising significantly. The people whom requesting for transcription are also paid attention to all the rules for requesting. This helps us to work efficiently. Of course we cannot speed up our work.. (sorryyyyy) Thank you for your attention to our request rules and definitely your patience on waiting!!

We did major changes to the sheet music layout. You might not noticed, but we change the chord's font that previously with "serif" into Arial; started from 2012. This is to make sure that the chords are easy to be read, especially for printing quality.

In 2012, we also add specific advertising under each articles, which mostly about upcoming games and toys. We also launch a monthly -- soon become bi-weekly -- special Game List. So we hope, if you have a plan to buy on those items, you can prepare yourself to collect the money.

As you know, hard times are also blowing us. After deviantart cannot support type of zip for "drawing", we have to move ourselves, looking for a place where we can keep our work. Even though right now we find sources for free, we hope we can establish without a fear that the storage will be shut down like MU. Meanwhile our monthly operational cost take around $5 per month.. As this site is a free one, there's nothing we can do but to put annoying advertising page before you can access your download. We're very sorry about this. m(_ _)m

To help efficiency the storage, we only zip the sheet music and left the sample sound at youtube. We make a audiovisual of the song/music score so Beginners can see how the music flows. However, some annoying things had happened; from lack of time to work on the video editing, to the fact that youtube copyright might forced for advertising or ban in specific countries; even though we make the video for tutorial...

The last but not least, we promise to keep our spirit high and give you the best.
Thank you for always supporting us!

~~~~ actually, the birthday is about 5 days more... but.. there are too many things on the way of the schedule. So.. I expect an earlier "happy birthday" shout? :D

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