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Friday, September 21, 2012

Kainé / Salvation - Nier

A work from x-dragons-claw-x, from a lovely music of Nier. Note that the transcript was only for vocal and ignore all the introduction and outroduction (which actually can serve as introduction as the music was - in my opinion - intended to be a "rondo").

Because I was amazed with the lyric, so I did search about it. If you think about the sound of Celtic/Gaelic language, yes, it had influenced from there. Read the music history of Nier at here for details. The fact that the lyric is using "new language" had reminded me to the closing song from Jin Roo (Jin Roh).

I don't know whether it is really have a real English and Japanese lyric, but I found in youtube someone singing it in Japanese and English. If you have the lyric in those language and official lyric, please pass it to me.

As a bonus, I found someone did her/his best on transcript the lyric, and pretty representatives for the pronunciation of the lyric's language. Get it on Pack Description.

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File type: png
Supplement: youtube (original sound), youtube (lyric)


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