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Friday, September 14, 2012

Starboard - Last Exile: Ginyoku No Fam

Our second transcribe for Last Exile: Fam the Silver Wing.

Though I personally don't fond the voice character of the singer, the song itself is interesting. The first time I heard it, I directly like the music.

The song is not really hard. Vocalist might find it easy to remember the tunes. There's no need for you to force to sing with high notes as Hitomi sang it. Basically, the more natural you sing, the simpler, the best.

I had adjust the lyric a little, which was made by Carlenne especially for romaji writing.
There's also "Part E", that I put a note there, as no lyric and no translation provided by Carlenne. I tried to get the original resource in original Japanese especially for Part E, but didn't find any. So, this version is still 95% near to perfect. In any case you find the complete resource, please pass it to me.

So, E N J O Y  and happy weekend!


File type:jpg (sheet music pages + lyric & translate page)
Supplement: youtube (our AV tutorial)

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