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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Synchro BOM-BA-YE -- Waterboys 1 (drama)

One of my favorite drama! It was not only funny, but also full of beautiful messages. Based on film version, Waterboys reached its popularity and made several drama series.

Though composer for film and drama versions were different, it was still carrying the same spirit of Waterboys. The drama versions (all Waterboys drama) was worked by Satou Naoki. Synchro Bom-Ba-Ye was actually the main theme of Waterboys drama series.

The music is fun and has a sense of "grande" which will be great to be performed on school's events. The fun part was the fact this score can be participated by various musician, and the clapping part? That's the fun part! A group of clapping people can attract attention of the audience. So this will be a great opening. Even the conductor can ask the audience to participate. (See how crazy my ideas are? heheheh)

Many part of this score is not hard to play. So I think, at very least Beginner-Intermediate can join. Of course, it means more practices but it would be worth it.

So, form your group, get your music teacher involves, and E N J O Y!!


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