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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Halloween Contests 2012: Dare to Join?

Hm... so I was wandering around in deviantart and my eyes stuck at the Halloween contests that was announced in several groups.

So if you like artistic challenge, if you think you can beat the deadline, and if you have some great ideas you can pour into your art, so these list should be interesting. Not all the list here are related to anime/manga. Remember, that in most of the contests, becoming member is a must before you can submit your entry.

Anyway, here they are:

1. from triple-e-comic.
This constest is about to draw their characters into Halloween related. So please read the details here.

2. from DeathNote fans club.
"A scary present for L", that's the theme for this group's contest. Read the details here.

3. from Naruto group.
The theme is "The worst Halloween costume". Read the details here.

4. from The Hidan fans.
This contest is actually interesting. The group will give you the "secret theme" so you are working "secretly" until you post your entry. Read the details here.

5. from naruto x hinata-club.
Another contest for Naruto's fans. If you win first prize, you are becoming "Contributor". Interesting, right? Read the details here.

6. from Scellanis.
Dragon & Halloween, on a contest? That will be awesome! Those lover of fantasy and imaginary creature (dragon), should join this contest. Read the details here.

So good luck! wish you all the best!



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