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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Please... Live - Han Ochi (film)

A quite interesting film, Han Ochi (Half A Confession) was a story about a police whom said he killed his wife. The detective whom working on this case had to carefully act, as he needed to be fair. Did the main character was true evil or he had another reason "to kill"?

Han Ochi itself has a very interesting music scores. It has the beauty, the mystery, and the pain that support the whole story. I took Please... Live as it was short but powerful sound. This is a great example if you want to study how to compose a music, that a short music can be this powerful.

For violinist, I would suggest you to use this music score to study positions. As the tempo is quite slow, you have time to adjust your fingers. So this is a good "etude". Possibly this is good for Intermediate violinist.

Have fun to play. E N J O Y!


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