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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Poem for Everyone's Soul - Persona 4 (game)

As promised, this is Poem for Everyone's Soul from Persona 4, game version. Even this is not my favorite choice, I admit that the music fitted the Velvet room nuance. To the one who request, this is what I can do for you :)

Even the piece was not a very hard one, but detail is requested. I decided not to give the exact tempo, as it is always change and might confuse. Leaving it rubato, I hope you can coordinate the tempo by yourself, either you play solo or in group.

I will put in a great sample of 3 or more people collaborating to play this piece. So you can see that forming a group of player and singer is possible.

Otherwise, E N J O Y!!


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Supplement: youtube (original sound sample), youtube (performance sample)

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