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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sakurabito - Bleach

What? It's not a horror at all? Well.. it is not, for sure. But, if you read the manga version, especially some earlier volume, the horror feeling was portrayed better as it was black and white manga. However, as I told you in the beginning of our Halloween theme, spirit and slayers are counted in this month theme, as well as Death Gods or Shinigami or Death Reaper in Western believes.

Anyway, this time I come up with a song and I was stunned when I first time heard this song. It was so beautiful, sad, yet so romantic to hear. Honestly, I even just knew the whole meaning of the song now, as I worked the transcript. And I would said is.. I would die for the man who sing this song for me. WAIIITTT... why am I "ranting" here? Hehehehe..

It's not a so-slow-song. So, for singer, maintain your breath because the pause is quite short in some part. For solo musician, I think the melody is pretty easy even though it's too much for Beginners. Up from Intermediate should be able to handle this song without so much difficulty, unless you are playing woodwinds or alike. Accompaniment can play freely without too strict to the original sounds. It can be with piano solo, keyboard only, or a full band. Even if possible, bring in full band with strings chamber in. That will be perfect. Performing as minimalist would also work well, in my opinion. Singing with guitar accompaniment, or solo instrument with guitar/piano only, would sounded sweet. Try different instrument. I think saxophone would sound very sexy. ;)

Happy performing and  E N J O Y!!


Total page: 4 (3 music page, 1 lyric + translate page)
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