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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Today i suppose to write a bit longer about things i am going to do for November but seems my situation is off fron my plan. From the morning to the time i am writing this, a lot of things had appeared. A bad dream as an omen had came to me but i didnt think of it and i dont even able to remember. it appears to warn me about an accident my brother had this morning. So i have been around the E.R abd hopefully his knee is alright. we are about to see his condition for the next 2 days. it was pretty strange that today my student didn't appear so I stayed at home. we didnt know about the accident. my brother did make a phonecall to me but only said he was going home earlier. later i knew from my mother about his situation. in the morning he was abput to cross a street when suddenly a mostorcyclr pass in high speed and hit him. my brother said he was thrown about 2 meters but judging from his wounds, probably he dodge, somehow. however his knee is pretty badly injured. the first examination said his bones are fine but we still are waiting for the rest like muscle, meat, tendon, abd other invincible part that undetected by hopefully he will be fine. strange enough that i tried to stay calm but there are time i got blank. abyway, things for next month are mostly had prepared. i hope everything will be on schedule. if i cant, at least you know one of the reason why.

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