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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Soogon - Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror

Back to our music article. Also back to Yasuharu-san. This time, as I promised, I took one of anime he worked on, but I never yet worked on.

Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror, might not as scary as the title said. However, interestingly, it covered all our curiosity to Japanese classic horror. Something that really different to Western cultures, yet, also different to Asian culture.

Yasuharu came up with many style to work on this anime. I choose Soogon, because this sounded a bit scary and sad. Though it had similarity to Jigoku Shoujo, this was my intention to make comparative writing on his work.

To compare Soogon (mostly writen as Sohgon, I choose to write Soogon, because in hiragana it is written as so-o-go-n) with Kumo to Rouba to Shoujo, there was same characteristic: this include the multi type of instruments, including human's voices/choir. The effect of 'scary' yet terrorizing, however, was greater on Sohgon. Kumo to Rouba to Shoujo had simpler sounds while Soogon sounded more "grande".

Just like Kumo to Rouba to Shoujo, Soogon was dominated by minor chords. Somehow, the formula between these two music score are closely alike. Though overall the music is not hard, but the "grande" effect was a major impact to the whole composition in Soogon.

Now if you are challenging yourself to make a "horror" sound, that still has melody inside (because most of horror music score are very contemporary and hard to make into music transcript), try to use Yasuharu-san's formula: minor chords as domination, give some major chords, use different instrument that fit the feeling you want to create.

So, E N J O Y the second work of our dark music master, Yasuharu Takanashi!


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