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Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Meeting Place - Kokuhaku (film)

Now it's time for psychology thriller. The film Kokuhaku is well known as Confession in English translation. This film was based on novel, a story about a teacher that setup a revenge to two suspected students whom she believed murdered her daughter. Aside from brilliant story, cinematography, and editing; this film is empowered by great song and music score. It was hard to me to choose which one first going to transcribe, but I decided to take this one first: The Meeting Place.

The Meeting Place was just like a jewel in the whole soundtrack album, as it was a song with calm energy and very sooth. I think, it wrapped the whole feeling of the girl and the main male character; those sinners that having their own meeting place (sorry but I can't spoil it. No I can't!!!).

The song was basically only accompanied by guitar. Probably 2 guitars. One taking care of the whole chords, the other was to take care the melody on the Introduction and Interludes. The chords were mainly for beginners. So I think guitarist won't facing any problem.

The B part
The B part is having an unstable tempo. It's not really in tempo of 117 and 114. But it goes faster and slower rapidly. So I decided to mark it as Rubato. An additional note was written directly on the sheet music as your guidance.

The Lyric
I really had a trouble with the lyric. There was no official lyric. There was also very tiny sources for the lyric itself. Basically, most of the lyric I found was written by hearing. I took two source, and but these two also are imperfect. It was not their failure to transliterate it, but simply because the singer's voice was quite soft and the English pronunciation was blurry as she was a native Japanese. So all that I can do was to compare both two transcripts and my hearing on the original sounds. First of all, I prefer to hear/read how logic was the transcript. I think, the youtube version was close enough to the sound the singer said.

There were a slight correction from me, which I hope would bring these two transcript to the closest to the original lyric. If any of you can find better transcript or able to bring the better assumption by hearing the song, please let me know. I will make a new correction.

So, happy playing. E N J O Y!

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