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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Love - Rune Factory 2

Another work from another transcriber. This time from Rune Factory 2. This is done by jkstrlphinaestrd1780 (Josephina) at

The music is pretty simple and romantic. It is basically a waltz, if any of you had got confused about the beat, but the transcript was written as 4/4 and I see no problem there. It is still exactly as heard on the original sample I found at youtube. But the transcript only covered the first part, not included the "bridge" before the theme had to be repeated. However, even without the "bridge", you still can repeat the whole theme, by just spare a bar before you repeat.

For me personally, this is my first time listening to Rune Factory. So I am impressed with the beauty of the music. I hope, if any of you haven't yet hear, you give a try to listen.

Update: oh my, I really 'abandoned' this site for quite long time. Thank you josephina for updating me the new one!

Anyway,  E N J O Y!

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Supplement: midi , youtube


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Anonymous said...

Hi, just wanted to say that the full transcription of the sheets have been posted =)

mitayashi said...

hi josephina from deviantart,
thank you for updating the news. My apologise for late reply (T.T)