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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So.. all on next month

we wont say so much. basically we are happy that many people are now acknowledge this tiny website. we gain lots of support from routine readers to the rising number of requests.
we are happy that we finished the third batch request. so far we haven't start working on the new request but materials are gathered and pre-hearing is continously done. some requesters may not pay attention, but we need to remind that you can request only in this website and by e-mail. request through secondary website like our youtube and tumblr will be ignored.
We are pretty surprised that most places in the newest request list is filled. schedules are about to make, and probably by July 2013 all request are done. we encourage you to keep reading our FAQ page as we always update it when necessary.
This December we are going to feature music from shows we love and those that we haven't watch. Also we keep going on to promote beautiful music from film and drama you might never know.
so see you around on December!!

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