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Monday, December 31, 2012

Before the Next Day

Guess this is my last post for this year. :)
We are grateful to know that this year is an awesome year, though we face a lot of difficulty. The visitors significantly increase and that boost our spirit to move on.

A lot of change and adjustment are taken for this year, from sticking with schedule (which is hard..), adding youtube, and reviving our tumblr project. We are happy that our tumblr has more original posts and we're thanking those artist in deviantart whom let us to share their art.

As we have problem with attachment in deviantart, we reform our way to store our files. Now we are using online storage that provide free service.

For this year, at least we gather around $30 which is awesome! That's really help though we need to add some more. Most of the money come from shopper at our zazzle store, the download links, and extra game links.

For 2013, more projects from different titles we haven't worked before will be up. Some are one the way, like Sakamichi no Apollon, Sankarea, and Jurmongand.

We would love to revive the Forum.. but with one person doing everything, seems too much right now. But we don't mind if any of you want to help on the Forum. Just leave us a comment!

We might consider website or program that help us collecting donation and able to show how much we get. But this is not yet our priority.

So.. in the end, I wish all of you will have a brighter days on 2013. Thank you for all the kindness, support, comments, that make us survive all the difficulties. Hope to see you all, very very soon in 2013!

mitayashi no mae.

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