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Friday, December 21, 2012

Family Union - Tiger and Bunny

Never watch the anime or read the manga, but seems it's quite a booming work. I saw it everywhere. So, I just want to know about the music score, and I think I love some of them.

This is my choice that I think suitable for Beginners. Seems I pampered the Beginners and Beginners-Intermediate, but Advance musician, please wait. I have some works on the way that is suitable for you. :D

The music is pretty easy. I think the combination of piano and guitar here are beautiful to be heard. Feel free to add more musician to join and play together if you want. It's very possible. Taking care all part by single instrument like piano, is also possible. Guess the music is fun and calm. So I hope you guys have a great time to play it.

anyway, E N J O Y!!!


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