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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Just Another Day - Persona -trinity soul-

This is another great music from Persona -trinity soul-
It might be a duo guitars. but if accompaniment wasn't able to execute, then change it into piano, mandolin, or other suitable instruments. I think, even for solo, changing guitar into woodwinds would also result the best. Other than these, you just need to try.

This sheet is good as an etude for those who want to learn about additional sharps or neutralize it back in a composition. This will be good for beginners or at least beginners-intermediate level.

Overall, though it sounds simple, this composition is pretty tricky. I needed time to get all the chords on place because most of the chords are not so standard. You find a lot of harmonization and extra sounds that makes this composition a true beauty. So, for those who wants to study about composition or cracking composition, please study this sheet and hear the sample as well.

My work is basically had been simplified. In many case, I can't put all harmony in. However, I do my best to sound as close as it can. So who knows you can transcribe better than me? Would love to share it here!!

E N J O Y!!!


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