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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Setsunasa no Yoin - Tokimeki Memorial -OL-

I am back! I've been hibernate myself. It seems I reach my limit of continuous work. The break, somehow, refresh some of my power.

So here it is, a beautiful sounds from Tokimeki Memorial Only Love. The tune is simple -- well, at least, that's what I hear. The biggest challenge goes for violinist(s), where they have to play on high octaves. Means that they will need to master higher positions such as 5th to 7th, in my opinion. I haven't tried using violin, so this is only my assumption. The most crucial for violin is part A1'. However, feel free to lower it to fit your capability. Originally, the score is played with flute/woodwinds, guitar, piano, and strings. You can transform it into solo if you want, or change most/entire instruments.

I personally love this tune because it feels like you can see the stars when listening to it.

Happy playing, E N J O Y!!!

PS: merry christmas to all of you who celebrate it! (kinda late, but not too late, I hope.)


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