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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ventus' Theme - Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Just go around the deviantArt to see any transcriber work on any anime or game sheet music. Then I found this interesting sheet music.

Noiporcs made this transcript of Kingdom Hearts. It's not an easy tune, if played by violin. So, I would think that at least a Intermediate level violinist may try this. Position is depended on how easy you reach the notes. I would say that 5th or 6th position is the one you can try. However, on my search at youtube, a violinist perform in pretty high position. And it's not really clear whether he played on the same key as Noiporcs or not. But this is a good example on how to treat a music as duet.

If taken care by piano, i think Noiporcs is pretty easy to be taken care by at least Beginner-Intermediate students. Ignore the youtube version, because it is definitely for Intermediate-Expert and Expert musician. :D

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Have a great weekend, and E N J O Y!


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