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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Destiny - Blood C

This is one of the thrilling music made by Satou Naoki. The fact that it doesn't sound 'too hard' is quite tricky. Working on the full arrangement was totally fun. The chords are mostly "ornamental" with eery feeling. There was a lot of "diminish" chords. For the notes, if played by violinist, it surely suits the students up from Intermediate. The most challenging parts are starting from Part A' to Outro.

For musician with other instrument(s), please make your own adjustment. Viola might a bit close to play to violin, while execution with woodwinds - for example - might very different. Consult your teacher/mentor.

And for those whom interest to composition, I think this can be used as your study (basic level) since everything here is not too complicated yet.

So, happy playing and  E N J O Y!!!!


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