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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Driftveil City - Pokemon White/Black

From Pokemon White/Black series, this is Driftveil City, made by Daichi-samax. Note that this sheet music is made for flute, so she had transposed it to suitable key signature that affords flute.

Not a very easy music. I would say that this has a little jazz and disco in the same time. The jazz style is especially on chords and specific bars. The sheet music here is not accompanied with chords, so you have to figure it out yourself. I won't recommend for Beginners. Beginner-Intermediate players may try, as you need some challenge in your skill. Up from Intermediate, players must be able to resolve any difficulties from this music.

The download page is two. One is a direct download which only provide the PDF sheet. The other one is a ZIP of MIDI and the PDF.

So, anyway, have fun! E N J O Y!!!

P.S: I find it interesting that Satou Hitomi and Satou Naoki have same kanji for their family name (佐藤). Are they related one each other? Are they sibling? That will be questioned.. ;)
However, I found a website with named "Satou Hitomi" (same Kanji as written in Hitomi Satō - Bulbapedia ) and claimed as an architect. So.. one of the source might be wrong. I decide that in my Composer List, it is still written in that kanji (佐藤仁美). If any of you have an accurate information, please share it to us. Thank you!


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