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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gunzou - Ryoumaden (drama/taiga)

Another work from Satou Naoki. I think this is one of the biggest work he had ever handled. The scale of project was big. A tale of Sakamoto Ryouma - though it was a fiction, might considered as one of the heroes in pre-modern Japan, and was believed as a person whom brought the vision of New Japan. Sadly, I personally had never watched this drama though I really really wish to!

The music itself wasn't too complicated but the accompaniment sounds are quite tricky. I think I love the harmonious chords that made the whole score sounded 'grande'.

For violinist, I think the sound was located 1 octave higher than what I wrote in. So, possibly the Intermediate to Expert musician/students would executed this score better. For Beginner-Intermediate, just play as it is written in the sheet.

As much as possible, this sheet is for any woodwinds and brass section that is able to be played on Clef of G. So if any of you need the clef of C or clef of F, let me know.

E N J O Y!!!

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