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Thursday, January 31, 2013

January the Best! \^o^/

hi guys!

I found out that this month is our very best time. The people view this website is already over our expectation. The clicks are reaching over 10,000. This is the first time in a month we had that many view. Thank you!

February is coming. For most people, it's love story time but I think, it is the best to leave the word love universal. I have no real plan of theme to put on Feb, but possibly I will put music of 'love' with different taste, meaning, and concept. It will come from thriller, horror, or just a normal romantic story. Hopefully I can do most of them soon.

So, happy February and again, thanks for keep coming. By the way, we just successfully paid the domain renewal and things that related to it. Thanks again for your support. I gamble myself by using a new internet connection, paid by myself (is $20 per month expensive for 4G internet?), where I can research for music much much faster, including to update this web much efficient than before.

I can assure you that some interesting titles are already on the list, which includes Sankarea, Jormungand, Priceless (film), Ano Hana, and many more.

Thank you and E N J O Y your life!

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