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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tomorrow is Another Day - Ao No Exorcist

First post from a request. Guess this is a nice way to open our new days on 2013. The music is beautiful, graceful, yet bold and clear. I wish, this music can represent your resolution or determination on this year.

I would say that this music is a signature work of Sawano. This style of music, you can mostly find in Iryu. Though of course the taste is different, but you can see the same style. I might work on Iryu again, to get you something that close to this music.

Anyway, I won't say that the music is easy, nor too hard. I think, if everything is forced to normal octave, then at least Beginner-Intermediate have chance to play. In this case, your main difficulty is the fact that the music has several different key signatures. However, if you want to play with technique and difficulty, I think it suits Intermediate level. For violinist, if you play as you hear on the sample, it's definitely for up from Intermediate level.

For those whom interest on composing music, this composition is interesting to be studied. The fact that it had so many different key signatures, along with different part/theme - where no repeating part was happening, was not an ordinary music. I remembered I once worked on composition where the theme had never repeated: F.O.E from Devil May Cry (not trancribed, but just doing a composition study with my teacher) and Goemon Main Theme (Reprise)  from Goemon.

E N J O Y!!!


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