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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kuchizuke - Shiki

I already fall in love with this song when I watched Shiki :D It's so dark, so black, so thrilling, to hear the complete song. And, as I watch Shiki, I can see how much it fits the whole story.

Interpreting Kuchizuke
I once said that some "love" theme will be put up for February's article and I think, Shiki fits the theme of dark love. It's "vulgar", "rude", rough, from the lyric; while execution of the music is very clever. The darkness of the lyric was so black, that if I only read without knowledge of the music, I would felt like suffocate myself. The music, somehow, lighten up the atmosphere from the lyric, but still bring up the thrill and tension.

Even though the whole package of Kuchizuke sounded difficult when I first time hear it, the feeling was totally different when I finished working the chords. Basically, Kuchizuke is an easy piece. However, the tempo, the rock style, and the stamina are needed. And at last, the unity of all instruments are the main key of the music.

Intermediate musicians should already able to play this song. Arrangement, Execution and extra interpretation are expected from musicians with higher levels.

Lyric Translation

I decided to use the lyric and translation from Anime Lyric. However, another great translation had been made by Words of Songs . On th first part (A1), there is a bit differences of translation, especially from subject's view. The Anime Lyric version is more as first person doing the action, while Words of Songs version is where the first person ask the second person to do the action. If you compare the second part (B1), the subjects are also different. The Anime Lyric use "we", while Words of Songs use "I".

So who's right or wrong? None of them. It's possible to interpret in this way, because in Japanese, the subject was rarely mention, especially in a song. This gives you an opportunity to compare and even do your own interpretation. As musician and lyricist, this will be a bonus thing, because you might learn something from this song.

So,  E N J O Y playing this song!


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Jenny Alejandra Moreno Aponte said...

Thanks! now the band that I belong, can make the cover

mitayashi said...

our pleasure. have fun playing. send us link if you put the video when you play the song ^_^