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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Different request...

For the first time, someone gives me request to play a music. It is Hajimari no Hi from Tegami-bachi.

To be honest, I can try to play, but maybe not too good. I had problem with my pinky finger (right hand) and my ability with right hand wasn't never good from the past, for playing melody. That was why I mostly played on band, and taking care the chords. :D

I might have better time on end of June, as the school will be having a long break. So hopefully I can fulfill the request. This will be along with all the sheet music post since I am still stuck doing many things right now.

However, if any of you willing to help, by doing a performance, playing Hajimari no Hi, I'll be very grateful! It will be fun to see different version of one song. And that's how we can study, learn, and expand our knowledge.


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