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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Period - FMA Brotherhood

Oh my! It's been very long time~! >.< At last I can post something though actually I finished this around 5 months ago.

I love this song because it is pretty complicated song with changing key signatures, speed, and different types of parts. There are 5 parts where part D and E are totally different. The notes aren't difficult, in my opinion. At least Intermediate level must be able to perform the song without facing any significant difficulties.

The translation is a bit tricky. I compared some translation from different website and ended up choosing from because its translation is flowing and easier to understand.

Overall, I wish you to have some fun with this song.
Happy summer time!

E N J O Y playing this song!


Total page: 4 (3 sheet music, 1 lyric + translation)
File type: jpg
Supplement: mp3

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