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Friday, July 19, 2013

Hikari no Kioku - Tegamibachi

The last request for BATCH 4 Request List.
Thank you, everyone for your patience! With all unexpected things happened within these months, we apologize the fact that we rushed everything in the end. It's a bit off from schedule, but not so bad. Request Batch 5 will be full soon and most of them are on going status.

So Hikari no Kioku is a fun and not so hard to work with. I think you should be careful with the changing tempo. The opening is slower than the rest but you might not really realize the difference until we break up the song into sheet music, part by part.

If vocal is changed into music instrument, then I think this song is considered mild to hard. Intermediate to Expert level should be able to perform without difficulties.

For the lyric and translation, I choose from Words of Songs version. The only thing I add to the lyric page is the word "Ah.." for C (bridge) and B"-outro. part. However, there's another translation version that also nice, and that is from

E N J O Y!!!


Total page: 3 + 1 lyric & translation page
File type: jpg
Supplement: (find Letter_Bee link)

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