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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Star - Arashi no Yoru ni

Next request that had been finished.. fiuhhh...!

Don't really like it at beginning (the vocal) but as I focus on the music, I find it fun to play. Especially when I play as accompaniment. Originally, the song has a lot of orchestra sounds at the background, which 'help' the music sounds as more complicated.

Working as accompaniment for piano, keyboard, bass, or other instruments, would be an interesting challenge. There will be no time to get relax. Basically, you will keep moving though the tempo is pretty slow. In one bar, mostly there will be 2 chords, and on interchanging part, there might come 3 to 4 chords. Congratulation, lol! Bass will have the most freedom to keep moving from a note to another. It's like you're going to dance from a bar to another.

For singing part, I think the most important thing is to keep up your breath. There are many part where the break is very short.

If everything will be played by music instruments, then, I would say that this song would be best for Intermediate to Expert level, for both melody and accompaniments.

Lyric and Translation
Both music sample, lyric, and translation are not easy to find. For music sample, link of youtube will be provided. Most sample are cut out at the last 13-17 seconds, which actually the outroduction part. But lucky I found some youtube where the music is still intact.

Lyric and translation are taken from Anime Lyric and Resenth's Blog. The romaji version of Anime Lyric is better. However, I can't say it is better if Resenth's Blog didn't provide the kanji version. So far the translation from Resenth's Blog is the only one I can get in the internet.

The translation might very strict to the Japanese, so it might sounds confusing or very formal. I edit only a little to make the grammar easier to understand. Basically only add 'comma' and change 'cry' into 'crying'.

The rest, E N J O Y!!!


Total page: 3 + 1 lyric & translation page
File type: jpg
Supplement: youtube

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