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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Things to do

hi all,

it seems I have a long idle in a month, but actually not. Yes I was in my holidays but I was collecting news and knowledge about anime and j-drama/film soundtracks. Gathering them is one thing, but sorting them is more taking time than you can imagine. It's not only hearing them one by one, but also generate them into "orchestra sounds" or just "score".

I also try to have fun watching some anime, and that includes Shingeki no Kyojin, which Sawano was entrusted to worked the music score. And I love Chihayafuru. The soundtrack was also amazing. I wish I can list one or two score from those anime. From the j-drama, I was very impressed with Priceles$: ~Aru Wake Nedaro,n namon!~ which brought up the wisdom of penniless. Though the music seems too extravagant, I love the difficulties it shows. Anyway, Satou Naoki worked on it. Beautiful music score also came from Sukitte ii na yo. I love the piano pieces.

I am still working with some request. A bit slow progress but of course I keep on working.

Well, I wish you all are happy

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