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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Zetsuen no Tempest Soundtrack vol.3 List

As I earlier mentioned on my post, I was in the mood to research and listening the music scores from many anime, Japanese films, and games. So one of my recent anime was Zetsuen no Tempest, which I think was one of the most brilliant story.

I found out that no one ever translate the titles from Soundtrack vol. 3, so I gave a try. Note that I did this based on kanji translator, along with the help of furigana generator as comparison to sound/reading. The kanji was taken from This won't be a perfect translation, but I think it will be pretty close to its meaning. If it has so many meaning, I will only take some which quite same meaning, or even the opposite. This post is already updated on May 2014.

So here they are:

01 変化
Henka or Henge (both are possible with the same meaning)
1) change 2)transition 3)transformation 4)metamorphosis 5)goblin 6)ghost

02 羽村

03 悪戯
Itazura. However, it can also read as:  akugi, waruitazura, waruzare, warujare
1)offensive joke 2)prank 3)trick 4)practical joke 5)playing with (a lighter, etc.) 6)fooling/messing around with 7)sexual assault 8)molestation
a) I personally took Itazura as the meaning because this word is more common to be used in anime compared to the other words.
b) I would personally take "prank" or "trick" as the meaning, but since the first meaning is "offensive joke", it is possible to link it to "molestation". Though "offensive joke" can stand alone as if one of the character make a harsh joke. So this part, I think, should be compared to the anime scene, where it was first time played, so we know exactly on what kind of situation this music was applied.
A new upadate:  VGMdb put the meaning as "mischief". I will leave the translation open, so whoever expert on it can keep suggesting the best meaning.

04 奇妙
1)strange 2)queer 3)curious

05 空転
1)racing (an engine) 2) idling (an engine) 3)arguing in circles with no result

06 喜楽
Kiraku or Shiraku (?)
Note: I am not really sure if the kanji is read as "kiraku/shiraku". There is no meaning suggested by popjisyo based on that kanji. I am not sure if it was a name of any character, names of objects, or  in Zetsuen no Tempest. The first kanji means love, like, joyful thing. The second means comfort, ease.
Update: I've been suggested by Azura that "Serenity", "Amicable", or "Easy-going" may work as well. I will leave the translation open, so whoever expert on it can keep suggesting the best meaning.
Another update is that VGMdb romanized the kanji as "kiraku"

07 錯綜
1)complication 2)intricacy  3)to become complicated 4)to get entangled 

08 葉風
1)breeze rustling through leaves 
Note: even though it is possible that this "hakaze" is refered to the character in this anime, but the word 'hakaze' really means "breeze rustling through leaves". So I decided to leave the meaning here because it wasn't clear either Michiru Ooshima really meant this theme for Hakaze (the girl character), or just about breeze rustling through leaves.

09 推理
1)reasoning 2)inference 3)mystery or detective genre (movie, novel, etc.)

10 邂逅変奏曲 (舞姫ver)
Kaikou Hen Soukyo (Maihime ver.)
Kaikou = 1)chance meeting  2) encounter
Hen Soukyo = music variation
Maihime/buki = female dancer
舞姫 can be read as "maihime" or "buki" with the same meaning. I prefer "maihime" because when Hakaze danced, she was called as "maihime".

11 愛花 

Hope this helps you.
E N J O Y!!


Azura said...

For #6, 喜楽, perhaps "Serenity", "Amicable", or "Easy-going" may work? :)
Also, Thank you for going to the trouble of translating! Greatly appreciated! ~♥

mitayashi said...

to Azura ,
thanks for suggestion. I put it up on the article. Thank you so much! ^_^