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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Wish For The Stars - Blassreiter

Happy New Year
to all of you!
We wish you all the greatest things on 2014


So I actualy work on Loneliness, the request, which is still half way (like the other request... *crying*), and I found out that I finished this one some months ago.

This song is not really hard, if you play music instruments, recommended for Intermediate to Expert skill. The chords is not hard to play, mostly basic chords, so I think, the accompaniment can be done by Intermediate skill, too. Feel free to improvisation your style of playing.. because you can actually use the intro and the interlude to fill with sound if you wish. This is best to perform as pop/rock band, but additional strings musician would make a better result.

If you prefer to sing, I think, all you really have to take care is your breathing, along with clearness of sounding each words.

I personally think this is a farewell song, but not a mourn song. It is romantic, hopeful, and lovely. I think this fits to say goodbye to 2013, where I personally learned lot of things in real life (but abandon this site.. ouch), experience the up and down of life, pushing myself to my own limit, and here I am on 2014.. without any resolution, just like the years before! hahahahahahahahahaha!

But anyway, I do wish that you all will continue to live this life in a positive way, sharpening your ability in music senses, great happiness, and for sure: stay healthy!

Good luck on 2014 and...  E N J O Y!!!


Total page: 3 (2 sheet music, 1 lyric+translation page)
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