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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Most Read Music Pages up to 2014

I was reading the statistic posts and was surprised with the fact that many songs/scores were less access while some that wasn't my favorite were on the top. Note that most oldest posts, around first 2 years might had been accessed more than the statistic could shown, because there was no statistic page on Blogger, on the first 2 years. So I will list them here, with the least at 500 hits and the most at 9000! You need to know that having 500 hits were not easy to gain. Especially because this is a small blog (and we aren't ambitious about this blog). Also, this list doesn't limit to anime to games sheet music, but including a song we transcribed long time ago (non soundtrack, but recently I heard it was used for soundtrack).

So here they are, see if there are any of your favorite :)

Grief and Sorrow ~Naruto~ 9544

Tsuki Akari ~Darker Than Black5768

Mosaic Kakera ~from Code Geass~ 4615
Tegami ~by Angela Aki~ (non soundtrack) 4116

Classic sheets of Nodame Cantabile 3313
Balsa Hashiru -from Seirei no Moribito- 3304
Here To Stay ~from Bleach~ 3074

Sakasama no Chou ~Jigoku Shoujo~ 2974
Konoyo no Uta (from Black Cat) 2906
Main Theme from Nabari no Ou 2596   
Roxas Theme ~from Kingdom Heart~ (video games) 2550
Blue Bird ~ from Naruto Shippuuden 2352
Hajimari no Hito ~from Bartender~ 2172
Concerto ~Brotherhood~ - Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood 2033
Orpheus - Uta no Prince-sama 2011
Issei no Koe ~from Natsume Yuujin-chou~ 2027
Tane wo Maku Hibi ~from Bleach~ 1978
d.m.c ~from Devil May Cry~ (anime) 1768
Hakubo ~Naruto Shippuuden~ 1689
Always Be With You ~from Kodomo no Omocha~ 1626
Koko wa Samurai no Kuni da - from Gintama - 1623
Tsukihana ~from Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae~ 1588
Pegasus Fantasy -Saint Seiya- 1568
Yuuki no Uta - Shugo Chara 1524
Goodnight Julia ~from Cowboy Bebop~ 1480
Butter-fly ~from Digimon Adventure~ 1459
Sorrowful Stone - FMA Brotherhood 1349
Aishiteru ~Zoku Natsume Yuujin-chou~ 1336
Light Lights Up Light ~ from Death Note ~ 1324
Guren - Naruto Shippuuden 1291
Tranquility - Nobunaga's Ambition Online ~Chapter of Hiryu~ (video games) 1258
Blue Dragon - Iryu/Team Medical Dragon (j-drama) 1246
Sprinting Spirit (for advance violinist) - Eureka7 1124
Trinity Soul ~from Persona: Trinity Soul~ 1102
Saiunkoku Monogatari Main Theme 1091
Mirajane No Theme - Fairy Tail 1084
Good Morning ~from D.N. Angel~ 1060

SPEC -Main Theme- - Keizoku 2: SPEC (j-drama) 991
Sprinting Spirit ~Eureka 7~ 983
Okuribito (on record) - Okuribito (film) 939
Hajimari no Hi - Tegami-bachi 908

The Sore Feet Song - Mushi-shi 838
Ending Theme - Ghost Hunt 836
Monochrome No Kiss - Kuroshitsuji 836
Tatta Latta - Katekyou Hitman Reborn 830
Kimi to Zutto - Detective Conan (j-drama) 821
Gin-iro No Sora - Gintama 812
Deku Palace - Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (game) 807

Kuchizuke - Shiki 799
Tomorrow is Another Day - Ao No Exorcist 772
Mukashi no Yuujin ga Kawarazu ni iru Toiu no mo Waruku nai Mono da na... - Gintama 754
Goemon Main Theme (Reprise) -from Goemon- (film) 703

Kimochiyoi Haisen - Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 691
Daichiyo ~ Seirei no Moribito ~ 668
Fire Emblem Theme (Video Game) 660
Red Dragon -from Iryu/Team Medical Dragon (j-drama)- 659
Mosaic Kakera (Additional C Clef) -Code Geass- 652
Who Am I - main theme - Jyuu Ou Sei 639
Find The Way ~Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED~ 605
Sacred Maiden - D.N. Angel 605
Spell - No.6602

Tateyo! F Class!! - Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 585
Yasashisa ni Tsutsumarete - 1 liter no Namida (j-drama) 558
Ventus' Theme ~ Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep ~ (video games) 568
Owari ni Mata Kotoba Ariki ~from Chevalier D'Eon~ 549
Brave Soul - Satomi Hakkenden (j-drama) 548
Hikari - Nabari No Ou 526
Shiver - Kuroshitsuji II -   519
Kutsuzure - Black Cat 510
Requiem - Angel Heart 503

Thanks for keep coming, keep reading, and keep supporting us. Recently we have a lot of likes in our facebook page and that's really boost up our spirit. So thank you very much for supporting us there! You guys are awesome! ^_^

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